A Choral Christmas

(With apologies to actual poets…)

‘Twas one night before Christmas, and all o’er the Earth,

Choirs were singing their hearts out, in praise of a birth,

For singers they celebrate this festive season,

With so many concerts it’s nearly past reason.

In churches they sing the nine lessons and carols,

with red and white robes as their festive apparel,

a young treble whose voice is so pure and so clear,

by tradition begins the night’s service each year.

Some other choirs sing Hallelujah by Handel,

in venues lit beautifully just by candle,

And children melt hearts with renditions so bright

of archangels, and donkeys and reindeer in flight.

Some hymns are old favourites, with tunes so renowned,

that even the audience makes a fine sound;

Away in a Manager, Hark the Herald, again,

the voices ring out the familiar refrain.

A few other pieces could be performed less,

As their presence in programmes do cause me some stress;

I could be persuaded, for example, to sing

far less often of lords, ladies, milkmaids and rings.

The more modern carols can be hit and miss,

With composers who like to begin with a dis-

cord, and try out some funky new rhythms and times,

when really we’re happy with 4/4 and rhymes.

Sopranos love descants with notes oh so high,

It’s a chance to show off (I’m not going to lie);

The organist too has their own chance to shine,

With pedals and stops that make music divine.

‘Tis the season musicians make people feel jolly,

(even if they can’t cope with more songs about holly).

So lift up your voices, spread joy and good cheer,

As we wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.


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